BHS Food Shelf

Located in the MPR Room (002) of the Brockport High School

We are OPEN!

The BHS Food Shelf fulfills food orders on a first come, first serve basis. Our usual turn-around time is within 1 (excluding weekends and school holidays). Once the order has been fulfilled, the client will receive a phone call from a faculty/staff member, letting them know the pick-up location of the order.

Orders that have not been picked up within 2-days (school days) will be take back into the food shelf and a second order would need to be placed.

We Look to Provide:

Food (Both Perishable and Non-Perishable), Sanitary Items, and Clothing; serving the needs of Brockport High School students and beyond.

Please note that order forms are completely confidential and the only people seeing identifying responses are the NHS Advisors and social workers.

Order food and sanitary products (FREE) using this link: BHS Food Pantry link

Food Shelf Team

Mrs. Patricia Arnold

Ella Johnson

Kai Bonisteel

Jayden Roberts

Alex Stoker

Sophia Visconte

Jeffrey Xue



Food Insecurity



ECFCO runs on-demand Gardening Orientations. In an ECFCO Gardening Orientation, participants will receive a lesson on food insecurity and how people around us are affected by food insecurity, resources on fighting food insecurity, and food waste. Participants are then introduced to the community garden, where a full garden tour is conducted where participants may interact with the life in each separate bed. Finally, a lesson on composting will conclude the Gardening Orientation. Following the Gardening Orientation, participants are invited to stay and volunteer in the ECFCO-Presbyterian Church Community Garden. The facilitator of the Gardening Orientation will also stay and assist with the garden work, as well as answer any questions the party may have.

Please contact us ( to schedule a Gardening Orientation.

All Gardening Orientations are FREE to attend and schedule. We are happy to accommodate both families and large groups.

Fruit Collection

Temporarily Suspended

We are working hard to reinstate fruit collection as New York opens from Covid!